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Dear sirs

We would like to let you know about the fantastic service we received from Caricaturist 290 on our wedding day. Our guests had their day brightened up by him as he mingled with them providing fab charactures which were flattering to the female guests and more fun with the features of our male guests but also importantly we were all able to recognise who he had drawn without being told. We loved how in each sketch he had captured the 'Cunningham' key traits of the teeth and bushy eyebrows! He was very friendly and sociable and we loved that he made sure we got our 'monies worth' by starting earlier than we had anticipated so that we got the three hours we had booked with him. He could quite easily have turned up and just drawn for a couple of hours as expected but he made the fantastic suggestion of starting early and we appreciated this touch. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and we are pleased that quite a few of the sketches hang pride of place in our guest's houses and they have a lasting memory of the day.