Caricaturist #998
Pre Drawn Body Samples

Whether for a private or corporate event, this is great idea! No matter what your theme, product or event
there is always some way of incorporating this in to the pre drawn paper. Below are a selection of pre
drawn body templates, but it doesn't have to end there. The possibilities are endless! It might be, you want
the body dressed in your company uniform or forces uniform. If it's the launch of product, the body could
be drawn using or holding the product.
In the past motor companies have had templates drawn with their new
car they are promoting. Caricaturist 998 would then draw the potential customers driving the car.
It's a good marketing tool at exhibitions too, as people who get drawn on your stand receive their caricature
with your company details on. More often than not, these end up framed on their office wall, so they won't forget you in a hurry.

The only limit is your imagination. The samples below are there to
give you an example of what can be done. If you would prefer a custom template, the caricaturist will be
happy to discuss your requirements. There is an extra charge for this service, but this is very reasonable
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Click on the sample pre drawn bodies below to enlarge them.
James Bond 007 - Male Bay Watch / Beach - Female Bay Watch / Beach - Male Footballer
Saucy French Waitress
'Allo Allo'
England Footballer Dominatrix Medieval Knight
Warrior On Horse Back Beach Babe Bay Watch Body With A Head Drawn On Top  

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