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Dear Mandy

We wanted to tell you how delighted we were with our caricaturist last Wednesday. 

We all felt that he made a huge difference to the success of our party

and he could not have been pleasanter to have around.

Prior to the evening, we explained that we would be a religious Jewish

party and and that it was important to respect the modesty of our guests

and in particular of the young bride and groom.  We also  requested

relatively gentle charicatures - we did not want drawings that were too

satirical or emphasizing long noses or other less attractive features! 

He took everything to heart and his charicatures were brilliant.  I'm

not sure how many people he finally drew but he stayed far longer than

the two hours he was booked for and our guests were absolutely

delighted.  Many have told us they are going to frame their drawings.

We all hope that we will have other opportunities to contact him, but

in the meantime we would be grateful if you would please pass on our

thanks and very best wishes.

Thank you again,

Ruth Dunitz

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