Cheshire Based Caricaturist #1019

Cheshire Based Caricaturist, Covering The North, North East, North West,
The Midlands, Derbyshire, Manchester, North Wales, Lancashire, Yorkshire,
But Other Areas Are Also Considered.

Caricaturist Cheshire pictured with the boxer Chris Eubank holding his caricature

Do you have an up and coming event that you want to be remembered by all that attend?
Then look no further than Caricaturist Cheshire #1019 to provide hilarious and unique entertainment. This extremely talented artist, is one of the UK’s leading caricaturists and is thought to have drawn more than anyone else in this profession in the last year. Renowned for his talents he spends all of the summer months producing his unique caricatures at England's number one theme park – Alton Towers!

His talents have been recognised all over the world and more recently he has been offered contracts in the USA in ‘Disney’, ‘Bush Gardens’ & ‘Sea world’. This caricaturist is more than happy to do a studio caricature portrait if so wished, either in black & white or full colour from a photograph or picture you have. When working live he can either work from a central location from an easel producing up to 10 - 12 caricatures (per hour) dependent on them being in colour or black and white. Or if you prefer, he can provide an excellent walk around service producing up to 20 black and white caricatures (per hour). 

However, he would be more than happy to discuss the options and how to maximise his talents for your event, enabling all to take home the hilarious & unique caricatures and memories of a fantastic day/evening.

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On The Spot Caricatures
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On the spot caricature, sample 1 Young man holding his caricature Caricature of two elderly men A young couple drawn together and very pleased with their caricature.
On The Spot Caricature - One On The Spot Caricature - Two On The Spot Caricature - Three On The Spot Caricature - Four
On the spot sample caricature 5 A drawing of a middle aged man with plenty of chin action. Caricature sample 8, drawn on the spot by caricaturist 1019
On The Spot Caricature - Five. On The Spot Caricature - Six. On The Spot Caricature - Seven. On The Spot Caricature - Eight.
Example 9 drawn by this Cheshire based caricaturist
On The Spot Caricature - Nine OTS - Ten OTS - Eleven OTS - Twelve OTS - Thirteen

Studio Caricatures

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Studio Caricature - Borat Studio Caricature - Bob Dylan Studio Caricature - Hulk Hogan Studio Caricature -Wedding Couple
Studio Caricature
Shot Gun Wedding.
Studio Wedding Caricature.    

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Video reel of sample on the spot caricatures.


Video reel of sample studio caricatures.




Your Questions Answered.

1) When is the best time to have a caricaturist at your event?
The vast majority of caricature artists are very flexible and can pretty much work anywhere at anytime. However, there are times when that work better than others.

If you are thinking of hiring a caricature artist in the evening, this is fine, though it is better to have them in the earlier part of the evening rather than the latter part. In the earlier part you tend to find that lots of people feel like a 'spare part'. You know, that point where you don't know many of the other guests and you are looking around not knowing what to do. The musical entertainment has still not got everyone going and most guests are still a bit stuffy, because the alcohol has not taken hold yet. This is a great time for the caricaturist to work his magic.

As the caricaturist draws, you see many guests gathering round and laughing as the caricatures come to life. It really does change the atmosphere in a room. The artist can still work in the latter part of the evening, it is just a little harder because people have usually been drinking and it's difficult to get them to sit or stand still. You also find the lights are often turned off or down, so the artist has to base themselves where there is enough light to draw.

More coming soon!

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