Caricaturist #293

Double Caricature Sample Bride & Groom

‘Wedding Function’ – This is an example of a ‘double’ caricature of a bride & groom on their wedding day. Caricaturist 293 draws ‘doubles’ on A3 paper in black & white, drawn with black brush pens and a grey shading marker to add depth. At weddings, quite a large number of guests choose to be drawn as couples. Each person drawn takes approximately 3 minutes. Single caricatures are normally drawn on A4 paper. (Caricatures such as this, can be used for WEDDING invitations or placemats as well as for special gifts. They need to be ordered in advance) They also provide a unique souvenir for the guests to take home. Also on occasion, the bride & groom have taken photocopies of all the caricatures of their guests for their own souvenirs!

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