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Caricature Drawings From Photo's or Live At An Event

Each of the caricaturists on this site have a code number.
These are listed below and need to be quoted when you make an enquiry.
Please follow the blue links to get further information on each of the caricaturists.

We can also provide caricature drawings from photo's,
just complete the enquiry form and let us know your requirements. These are perfect for
presents, retirement gifts or just a way of filling that blank space on a wall. If the person you want drawn
has a hobby like golf. The caricature can be drawn with a golfing theme.

Caricaturist #506

Based In Scotland
Servicing Northern England & Scotland

Caricaturist #966

East Midlands Based

Silhouette Artist And
Caricaturist SL03

Works All Over

The UK And



Female Caricaturist Surrey

Female Caricaturist #T1500

London / South East Based
But Will Travel

Caricaturist South WalesCaricaturist #290

South Wales, South West, South East,
West Midlands & South Midlands



Caricaturist Scotland ImageCaricaturist #T5000

Scotland Based
But Will Travel


Photo Of Female Caricaturist South WestFemale Caricaturist #T3500

South West Based  


Caricaturist #325

Midlands Based
But Will Travel If Required

Caricaturist #T2500

East Midlands Based
But Will Travel


Caricaturist #T6250

London Based


Silhouette Artist SL04


Hertfordshire Based
Artist, But Will Travel
Almost Anywhere

Caricaturist #7000

West Midlands
Based, But Will

Photo of Northern Ireland Caricaturist ColmCaricaturist #7500

Servicing Northern Ireland & Eire
Will Travel

Video Clip Of Live
Caricaturing Available

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If you would like further information on price and availability of any of the caricaturists,
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The artists on this page specialise in wedding caricatures. Feel free to browse, but the best way to use this website is
to complete our enquiry form with the details of your event. This gets sent to all caricaturists that cover your area.
We collate the responses from each artist and email you a list of those that are available for your wedding, along with a
confirmed price for each of them. There will also be a link to the webpage of each caricaturist, so you can look at samples
of their drawings and read about them.