Silhouettist SL02
This Silhouette Cutting Artist Covers All Areas Of London The South & South East,
Midlands, South Wales and Parts of the South West.
Other areas of the UK and abroad also considered.
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Photo of a silhouettist cutting a silhouette of a wedding guest.
Silhouette Cutter in action at a wedding reception.

This silhouette cutting artist is one of a very small number performing this art form in the UK. This puts her services in very high demand, especially for those event organisers who want something different and unusual at their function.

Silhouette cutter SL02 has been cutting silhouettes at events nationally and internationally for over 10 years, so she has had lots of experience at all types of function. These include weddings, celebrity doo's, corporate functions, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and royal engagements.

A sample of the type of work done by a silhouette artist.So What Is Silhouette Cutting and Does It Fit In At An Event?

The artist will mix and mingle with your guests armed with her small scissors and a supply of paper. She will approach a guest, introduce herself and in a few minutes she will cut out the guests silhouette in amazing detail. The finished, unique piece of art is then presented to the guest mounted on to mount cards (as shown in some of the pictures). These cards can be personalised with the details of the event or company details, though customising does come at an extra charge. This charge varies subject to level of detail and number of cards required.

Hiring a silhouette cutter for your event will certainly act as a great icebreaker and get people talking. They also get something to take home as a memento of the day and it is very common to find them framed and hanging on their wall at home or the office.

On average, this silhouettist can cut around 25 silhouettes in 1 hour, 45 in 2 hours and 65 in 3 hours.
Watch a video of the silhouette cutter in action!

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

It's always hard to stand out from other companies at exhibitions, unless you  have a gimmick to attract people on to your stand. Traditionally, many companies have used close up magicians or caricaturists that work very well. However, when you have something unusual and just a bit different, it really does make your company stand out.

If you use mounting cards with your company details on, this is one piece of valuable advertising budget that won't get thrown away with rest of the marketing leaflets that people collect at this kind of event. If there is one company that remains in their memory, it will be yours.

Prices and Availability

Prices will depend on the details of your event, such as location, length of time required, day of the week and even the time of year. The best way to check availability and receive a confirmed price for your event is to complete our online enquiry form.

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Silhouette Artist with Barbara Windsor

Watch A Video Of This Silhouette Artist In Action

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