Caricaturist #998
Travels All Over The UK

Caricatures at events, weddings, exhibitions,
conferences & functions

This is to introduce you to my world of caricature artwork. I have been drawing caricatures since 1993, both on site, and in the studio, drawn in Pen, pencil, pastel, or painted in watercolour.
I have spent most summer seasons since 1995 selling humorous portraits to day trippers at seaside resorts.

Live events

I am available for bookings to appear at your social event. These may include corporate functions, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Exhibitions, Charity fundraisers, sports club parties etc.
I can vary the level of detail in each picture depending on how many people need to be drawn in the time available. I can be available for as long as I’m needed, but the typical duration of past bookings has been about 3 hours. In this case, I usually limit the time for each to about 4 minutes, and produce an A3 portrait in Black and white.

For themed events, I can produce a batch of pre-drawn bodies in a theme of your choice, and simply draw attendees’ faces on them so as to get more people drawn in the time available.

Studio Work

You may want to give a family member a framed Portrait as a memorable present, or alternatively have a humorous illustration or logo to print on a variety of formats such as: -

•      Event Tee shirts

•      Invitation cards

•      Business cards

•      Mouse mats

•      Web site Homepages

•      Magazine/newsletter Publications

Just send me a couple of digital pictures, taken from a slightly side-on angle so I can see the profile of the features, together with a description of the most appropriate scenario.

To View References From Previous Clients Click Here

Click on the sample caricatures below to enlarge them.

On the spot caricature drawn
at a wedding in Tuscany ...

Caricature of a woman
at a wedding

Black & white, on the
spot caricature

On The Spot Caricature

Self Caricature

Hugh Grant

Colchester FC

Tiger Woods

Studio Caricature of the

Mr Spock

Ant and Dec

Top Gear Caricature

Amy Winehouse

David Cameron &
Gordon Brown


Kate and Will


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