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Hertfordshire Based

Rick has been working as a full time cartoonist for 15 years. In the studio and On-the-Spot at corporate events.

His studio work involves private and commercial commissions of caricatures from photos and commissions for magazines and newspapers. A major client is the Armed Forces and he has established himself as one of the leading artists producing Officers’ Mess Caricature Paintings. There are now over 100 paintings of up to sixty people hanging in messes around the world.

Rick was the gag cartoonist for Sport First Newspaper for two years with ‘Rick’s Sporting View’. He is the cartoonist for Quest magazine since 1999. He had caricatures commissioned by ‘This Morning’ show for the last series of I’m a celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. Recently he has been producing comic strip art for a Talk Sport Radio advertising campaign.

When working On-the-Spot he likes to create a whole picture usually involving a hobby, pastime or themed to the event, because he finds this reduces any anxiety for the subject as the emphasis is taken away from just their face and gives more scope for humour. He works at all kinds of events all over the country and I has worked in all the major venues for most of the blue chip companies.


Rick has been caricaturing On-the-Spot for over 15 years. During that time Rick has developed a unique style that entertains as well as providing a fantastic cartoon gift for your guests. His work balances great likeness with humour. He features the whole body and incorporates a hobby or pastime so they can be themed to your event or company work. The ability to work quickly and achieve great likeness has led him to work for ITN news drawing live on the evening news for various news features including the last Tory leadership battle.


If entertaining one person at a time isn’t enough for your event Rick also works on big screens to entertain all your guests at the same time. He draws into a Tablet PC computer which can be linked or projected onto large screens. This was used to great effect at the Labour Party Conference where he drew many politicians and Cherie Blair. This method has many advantages: Entertaining any number of people at once –
It is in colour – Saved to disc instantly – Emailed to clients – Includes template backgrounds.

Not Just A Pretty Face - Rick Draws Full Bodied Caricatures Including
A Hobby, Pastime, Profession or Themed To Your Event!

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On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature - BMW Hickstead On The Spot Caricature - Hickstead

On The Spot Caricature - Design Museum On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature
Live Caricature On Computer Tablet Live Caricature On Computer Tablet Live Caricature On Computer Tablet
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