Caricaturist #969
Sussex Based

Caricatures at events, weddings, exhibitions, conferences & functions


You’ve probably seen caricature artists sketching with pens and pencils in shopping centres or on holiday beaches. Tony still offers this service as it enables him to wander among your guests. He has also spent the last few years developing something very different and more impressive….. something many people have ever seen before!

 He can now draw onto a tablet (a sort of digital bread board) that displays the caricature on a flat screen as it’s being created. This enables Tony to colour his work far faster than the traditional method and allows him to do daft things like adding light effects on people’s glasses. He tends to get much more of an audience as he’s working because everyone can see what he’s doing easily. He then hands over a print out within a couple of seconds of having finished.

Because the picture is drawn directly onto the computer it can be saved and spliced together with all the other caricatures of the event in a poster. This can be sent on after the event as a print or on CD for a small additional fee.


 Of course if you're after the black and white pictures – he’s still happy to do those too!

Samples of Tony's work can be seen below.


David Dickinson

George Bush

Blair and Howard

On The Spot Caricatures

Collage Example


John Prescott

Mr Bean

Tony Drawing On To A PC
With a Big Screen Joined To It.


Tony Drawing On The Spot

Prince William &
Kate Middleton

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