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 Hertfordshire Based
Will Travel

On The Spot Caricaturist

Bill’s work has been published by numerous blue chip organisations including: Harper Collins, McMillan Heinemann, Scholastic, Mayfair, The Phoenix, Penguin Books. His art has also appeared in the latest ‘Little Britain’ book. 

His greeting cards have been published by Boots PLC, Hanson White, Hambledon Studios and Accord 

He’s a member of the Cartoonists Club of Gt Britain and the National Caricaturists Network. 

Clients include: Asda, Tesco, Madame Tussauds, Harrods, Total, Hewlett Packard, M&S, Courtaulds, Ted Baker, Acambis, Mars PLC 

He travels the length and breadth of the country leaving snorting and giggling in his wake! Weddings just ain’t the same if he’s not there. 

On the spot caricatures take about 5 minutes and Bill can do 10 – 12 an hour. He managed 15 an hour at an event recently but his hand started to smoke!

His studio work is created digitally using Photoshop and Painter. He can also produce digital images at live events. 

Bill’s available for all types of corporate events and also book and magazine work.
On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature

On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature
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