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Caricaturist In The Bridal Suite On Your Wedding Night!

There many ways you can use a wedding caricaturist for your pre-wedding plans or on the wedding day it self.

Unlike, many other forms of entertainment it is something that people of all ages, from all walks of life can get involved in and enjoy.

The comedy entertainment value of your friends and family having their caricature drawn in cartoon style, has a fantastic positive affect on the atmosphere which is priceless.


Wedding Caricature - Invitations

If you send a photo of the bride & groom to be, the caricaturist can draw a caricature of you both together which you can use on the front of your wedding invitations or on the inside of the invitations. This can then be emailed to you so that you can have them printed on your invitations. If you have a particular hobby, sport or profession the caricaturist can also incorporate this within the wedding caricature.


Caricaturist For - Your Hen Night

There are many ways and locations to hold your hen night. Having a caricaturist present at part of the evening is now getting very popular. Whether it be individually drawn caricatures or one large caricature with the hen in the middle and a caricature of each of her friends around her, it is certainly a fun reminder of the evening which you can frame and keep forever.

Wedding Caricaturist - Drinks Reception

While the bride and groom are having their photo's done the rest of the guests often mill around and this can be awkward for many of them as there will be numerous people that they don't know. A wedding caricaturist is a great ice breaker and gives people something to laugh and talk about. The caricaturist will walk around mingling with your guests, drawing them as he / she goes. Every wedding caricature is free to each of your guests as you pay a one off hire fee which includes all the caricatures he / she draws at your event.


Wedding Caricaturist - Wedding Breakfast

The wedding caricaturist will move around the room table by table drawing as they go. Some people don't like being drawn while they are eating, so they will draw people on tables between courses or those who have finished eating. This can come in very handy, if there have been any delays with the food as it keeps your guests occupied while they are waiting. Don't under estimate the effect a wedding caricaturist can have on the atmosphere at your wedding. You will always here plenty of laughter in the vicinity of a caricaturist in action, which means your family and friends are enjoying themselves. What's more the wedding caricature makes the perfect wedding favour, which they can take home and frame.
Don't forget, with prior arrangement with the caricaturist, you can have your names and the date of your wedding, pre printed on to the paper before the event. In most cases there is a small charge for this, to cover printing costs.

Wedding Caricaturist - Evening Reception

If you are booking a caricaturist for the evening, then it is best to utilise their services in the earlier part of the evening. This part of the evening is when you will get the most benefit. At this point the DJ has not got people up and dancing yet, evening guests are starting to arrive and most people are sitting around in groups, not really knowing what to do with themselves. Again, the fun aspect of the caricaturists art has an amazing affect on the atmosphere and you will see crowds start to gather around the caricaturist as they watch in amazement, the caricature of their friend or family member take shape before their eyes.

Wedding Caricature - In The Bridal Suite On Your Wedding Night!

The latest craze sweeping the nation. Your chosen caricaturist will spend 1 or 2 hours in your room with you on your wedding night. Sketching away, he or she will draw a full cartoon strip (no pun intended), of events as they happen on this special night. Back in the studio the caricaturist will add colour and any final touch ups. This will then be sent to you fully mounted in a frame of your choice. This is normally the one part of your special day that you don't normally have a record of.

Three of our most recent couples who have used this service, have given permission to have their cartoons put on our website. Please only view these if you are over 18 years of age.

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